The Harden Kite Festival encourages you to participate as a sponsor.
There are many interesting festival activities to involve your business/organisation through sponsorship.
The event would not be delivered without the financial assistance of our sponsors.
Many of our sponsors not only assist financially but also actively participate with ground-level tasks.
The festival is very appreciative of the support and dedication of our wonderful sponsors.
Thank you very much
Sponsorship of $50+ goes a long way in contributing to the many fun free activities at the festival.
For a copy of the Harden Kite Festival Sponsorship Brief please contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you


Applications for food and market stalls for the 2023 Kite Festival have now closed


Harden Kite Festival entertainment invites expressions of interest each year. We would like to invite entertainers to contact us if they are interested in performing at our festival.

Please note, unfortunately we will only be in touch if we wish to discuss your application further. Rest assured we review all submissions and genuinely appreciate artists making the effort to apply. Thank you


The Harden Kite Festival offers a unique opportunity to fly with professional kite flyers who come from all over Australia and are an essential part of our community event.

The Festival draws on assistance from over 50-100 volunteers working with the Harden Kite Festival Committee to ensure the ultimate success of the event.

New volunteers are welcome to join the Harden Kite Festival Team via contact us.

Harden Kite Festival Advisory Committee

The Harden Kite Festival Committee is a committee of Council and meets every month on the 4th Monday during March to October at HRDC Office, unless otherwise announced on our Facebook Page. All welcome.

2024 Harden Kite Festival Committee Meeting Dates

Mon 26th Feb, 5.30pm – casual catch up

Mon 25th March, 5.30pm

Mon 29th April, 5.30pm – AGM

Mon 27th May, 5.30pm

Mon 24th June, 5.30pm

Mon 29th July, 5.30pm

Mon 26th August, 5.30pm

Mon 30th Sept, 5.30pm

Mon 28th Oct, 5.30pm

Committee Meeting Location: HRDC Office, 54 Neill Street, Harden NSW 2587